Excelen is an independent, nonprofit research and education organization that educates and assists orthopedic researchers as they develop innovate surgical and rehabilitative techniques. We provide the collaborative expertise and the facilities required for scientists, engineers, physicians, and students to research practical innovations in implants, instruments, or surgical procedures.
Our ultimate goal is to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients.

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Excelen’s Bioskills Laboratory and office are temporarily closed for non-essential business to comply with state and local mandates.

Excelen staff is working from home and can be reached by email and our direct phone numbers.
Linda: 612-336-6602 / LWojcik@Excelen.org
Nancy: 612-336-6600 / NLilja@Excelen.org

We are available to schedule future courses and we are able to ship Bead Mold orders. Read our full response here.