EXCELEN has been fabricating bead molds and autoclavable channels since 1991. We designed and provide these
bead makers at the request of our orthopaedic surgeons. We do not provide validated instructions or guidelines for sterilization or cleaning. The local hospital sterilizes the polypropylene molds and stainless steel clamps by autoclaving. Below are pictured instructions for how to make the bone cement beads.

Bead molds are polypropylene, and bead mold channels are stainless steel. Each mold creates 6mm diameter beads, the yield is 30 beads per strand and 3 strands per mold, and they are usable with bone cement and antibiotic powders (20g bone cement per mold).

Please contact Linda Wojcik, , or Nancy Lilja-Nerheim, if you have any questions.


EXCELEN is able to provide this system for $55.00 per polypropylene mold set (catalog #M100) and $65.00 per stainless steel channel set (catalog #C100). Any number or combination of molds and channel sets may be ordered at a time. Shipping and handling fees are not included and will be added after you place your order.

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